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MarketingFile - Marketing to businesses

Marketing to businesses

Where it all began… B2B marketing established itself in the late 1970’s when B2B companies started to realise they can replicate the marketing material produced by consumer facing businesses –
MarketingFile - Data Protection: are you in the clear?

Tips when purchasing B2B data

Using a relevant, clean and well targeted marketing list is an asset for any company undertaking direct marketing activity for prospect customers. Ensuring you are using the right list for
MarketingFile - Small business marketing

Pitch Perfect in 10 Easy Steps

We know what it’s like. You spend weeks preparing, analysing and re-reading your presentation. You nail it every time. Then you step into the boardroom… At this point anything from
MarketingFile - Responsive Design for Email Marketing

Responsive Design for Email Marketing

With PC sales plummeting and mobile traffic on the rise, responsive email-marketing is becoming a valuable asset to any business. There are a number of reasons as to why this
MarketingFile - Improve your response rate

Call to Action – Are You Getting Response?

Analysing the response to your campaigns can be one of the trickier elements of marketing. Whether it be direct mail, advertising or digital campaigns keeping track of your return on
MarketingFile - 4 reasons why your campaigns shouldn’t be a one off

4 reasons why your campaigns shouldn’t be a one off

Did you hear about the company who had an amazing response from their first mailing? The one where they earnt enough for everyone to retire to the Caribbean from a