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B2C & B2B Data Cleansing Services

Clean data saves your company money

In Q1 2017 we identified nearly 480,000 out-of-date records for our customers.

Postal Address

With over 3.68m houses sold in the UK between January 2014 and December 2016, if you haven’t updated your database recently, then the chances are it will be out of date.

Mailing clients who have moved, wastes both time and money.

In addition, there are the hidden costs associated with dealing with returned items and the lost revenue opportunities from a smaller database.

Email Address

Approximately 25% of all email addresses become outdated over the period of a year. As people change their personal or work email addresses an average of 2% of your list will fall out of use every month.


Don’t send your campaigns to people who won’t receive them. We will run;

Gone-Away Tracing
Find addresses for people who’ve moved

Gone-Away Suppression
Identify remaining movers on your database

Email Validation
Validate that email addresses are correct and active


Don’t compromise the perception of your brand. We will run;

Remove duplicate entries on your database

Address Cleansing
Using PAF cleansing to identify and correct incorrect addresses

Deceased Suppression
Remove deceased individuals helping save relatives’ distress and possible fraud


Don’t waste your time with inaccurate data. Clean data reduces

Processing Time
Time spent sorting invalid records

Stop having to deal with returned/bounced items

Data Entry
Your database will require less manual updating

Database cleaning will save you money

Maintain your reputation

and also save you time

Free Data Health Check

We can run a data audit on your existing customer databases, free of charge, to identify how many records are out-of-date. Split down into duplicates, gone-aways, movers, and deceased; it will highlight inaccuracies that are costing you money.

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