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Our engage platform provides a cost-effective cross-channel marketing strategy for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

For a fixed fee you’ll get a great marketing team and guaranteed sales leads, every month.

Through a mix of targeted email and direct mail, we will help you grow your business, generating a steady stream of new sales leads directly to you. So how does it work?

Computer screen showing design of Kia template for Touchpoint
We identify your ideal prospects

Customer Identification

If you already use customer personas that’s great, as we can use these to target prospects. Otherwise, we can create customer profiles from your existing database. By identifying commonalities, we supply highly targeted data from trusted suppliers that matches these attributes.

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We provide a fixed monthly volume of qualified business or consumer prospects

Truly Unique

We provide a fixed monthly volume of qualified business or consumer prospects within a specified catchment area. These are all de-duplicated against your existing customers to ensure we are only targeting new prospects. These become your conversion opportunities.

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We can design all your campaigns or follow your own branding

Campaign Design

Our team of designers and copywriters will create campaign artwork to get your sales and marketing message noticed, working seamlessly with your brand and style across all channels. They’re full of ideas and love a creative challenge, if you’re looking for a new angle or unique one-off piece.

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We deliver all you communications

Campaign Delivery

When it comes to the crunch we'll pull everything together for you, managing the artwork setup, data control, postage and final delivery of the monthly campaigns. Each name on the prospect list will receive a guaranteed number of communications (email and mail) during the lifetime of the campaign.

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We analyse your responses to test, refine and improve campaigns

Continual Improvement

One of the best things about direct response marketing is the ability to test, refine and improve. Each month we’ll analyse responses and suggest how campaigns could be improved. We’ll also ensure your new customers are suppressed (removed from future campaigns) along with any unsubscribes, and top up the data with brand new prospects.


Many features go into producing the right engage. campaign.

Fixed monthly pricing
Fixed Cost

Fixed, monthly pricing model that include all data, print, postage, fulfilment and email broadcasting.

Targeted campaigns to reach your perfect prospects

Targeted campaigns to reach the perfect prospects in your area.

Consistent regular messages to your prospects

Regular messages to keep your brand front of mind.

Campaigns are sent across multiple channels

Multi-channel campaigns (email and direct mail) designed to created maximum engagement.

Branded compliant campaigns

Consistent, branded and compliant campaign material.

Trackable interactions and sales converstion metrics

Trackable interactions in sales conversion, enquiry levels and customer pipeline.

Some of our clients using engage.

Here are just some of the companies we work with on a regular basis.
They love us and we love them.

MarketingFile work with Hyundai
MarketingFile work with Barracudas
MarketingFile work with Citroen
MarketingFile work with Innocean