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4 reasons why your campaigns shouldn’t be a one off

MarketingFile - 4 reasons why your campaigns shouldn’t be a one off

Did you hear about the company who had an amazing response from their first mailing? The one where they earnt enough for everyone to retire to the Caribbean from a single send? No, neither did I.

There is no silver bullet that converts prospects to purchasers in one communication. Especially to cold prospects. There are many articles about how often you need to contact someone before they convert. The numbers vary a lot, I’ve seen anything between 5 and 13 times, but they all agree on one thing.

You need to do it more than once


Timing may be the secret to great comedy, but it’s as important in getting your message read. Even the perfect offer, delivered to the right person will fail if it’s the wrong time. And by wrong time, I don’t mean Tuesday morning or Thursday evening.

I mean the wrong time for the person you’ve sent the message to.

Prospects don’t sit around, waiting for your campaign to arrive. They’re in meetings, trying to beat a deadline or taking the kids swimming. There are countless distractions that stop someone seeing your message – let alone read it all the way through.

Multiple sends give you more than one chance to get noticed.


Receive a message from a household name and you focus on the content. Receive it from a company you don’t know, and your attention moves towards who that company is. Are they reputable, what else do they do?

Unless it’s an impulse purchase, people rarely buy from a company the first time they interact with them. They need more than one contact to convince them to buy.

Multiple sends build up confidence and trust in your brand.

Meeting a need

Companies rarely provide only one product or service. Even when they do, there is more than one benefit on offer. Explaining everything you do in one communication will overwhelm people. Make it simple for your prospects, focus on one thing per message. Build up the full range of benefits over the length of the campaign.

There won’t be one universal benefit that gets everyone to buy. Give people a different reason to buy from you in each message. Different benefits will meet the different needs of your clients.

Multiple sends will allow you to engage more of your prospects.

Buying stage

Even the perfect offer that convinces people they want to buy from you, doesn’t guarantee a sale. Budget or contract issues can prevent people from buying straight away.

You need to remain in consideration until the client is in the market to buy. Regular messages ensure that your product or services are not forgotten.

Multiple sends keep your brand front of mind.

Multiple send campaigns are more than the sum of their parts. They develop relationships through the cumulative effect of recognition and the benefits provided. Which in turn leads to the acquisition of new clients in a cost efficient and effective way.

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