Special Offer With D&B and CallCredit

by MarketingFile 31. May 2013 11:00

Since 1998, MarketingFile has become the UK’s largest online supplier of direct marketing lists. Through this time, we have built our reputation by working with the best known and most established list providers throughout the United Kingdom. With the long standing relationships with our providers, we can pass along the most competitive prices and most accurate lists. From time to time, we can also offer some fantastic deals through our partners.

MarketingFile currently is offering a special deal on direct mail campaigns. We have partnered with D&B and CallCredit to bring you Print, Post and Data all for only 55p. MarketingFile also will guarantee 100% delivery on your direct mail campaigns. The CallCredit Information Group offers the UK consumer universe. We are so thankful to have this type of opportunity to present to our customers.

We are recognised as the United Kingdom’s trusted source for quality mailing lists and email marketing services. Our customer base now covers every area throughout UK business, marketing agencies, colleges and schools, local government and national companies. For whatever size or type of list that you are looking for, we will compile the best lists available on the market. We also offer many other marketing services including direct mail print, email broadcasting, data cleaning, segmentation and profiling. As a company, we have never changed our founding principles. MarketingFile does not charge to run counts and has no minimum orders. Through our website customers can place orders twenty four hours each day. Data is available immediately for our clients’ needs without having to wait until normal business hours. We also offer a 100% delivery guaranteed promise to our clients.

Please contact us today to take advantage of our special, limited time offer at www.marketingfile.com.

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