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by MarketingFile 26. March 2013 09:11

We are proud to introduce Data HQ as the latest edition to our list of highly respected and established list owner providers. Data HQ have provided us with their premium business databaseCorporate Contacts’.

Meet Data HQ

Data HQ are the industry leaders in providing high quality data lists, databases and customer insight services. Their expertise and reputation for honesty in addition with reliability means they have been able to help businesses ranging from SME’s to household brands since 2001.

About Corporate Contacts

Corporate Contacts is a specialised business database that places a great emphasis on job roles from over 20,000 of the top commercial organisations.

The database has been created by Data HQ and its aim is to provide you with commercial organisations that have more than 100 employees or with a turnover of over £10 million. The database is in a growth stage and plans are for it to increase the amount of contacts within it.

The data is compiled from rolling telephone and desk research. A dedicated team of researchers verify each record every 3 months to ensure the quality of data is highly accurate and up-to-date.

 Why use Corporate Contacts? 

This is a database that proposes high quality data at a respectable volume; a file with quality and quantity.  Corporate Contacts is a database that would suit companies that need to acquire large corporate clients, particularly in the service sector and the supply of goods to large corporate organisations.

If email marketing is a direct marketing strategy that you wish to explore, this database is ideal as it holds personal emails and excludes generic emails addresses such as sales@ or info@.

If you’re looking for intricate job titles to ensure that your direct marketing gets to the key decision maker of a particular department this database is also appropriate.

Data HQ aim to provide high levels of customer satisfaction and have received positive feedback regarding the data quality of Corporate Contacts through the customer satisfaction surveys that they have received back from customers.

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