Calling all 'call to actions'

by MarketingFile 16. January 2013 11:22

What would you do without them in your direct mailing or e-mail marketing?

What are they?
Call to actions also known as CTA’s could be a banner, button, some type of graphic or text meant to prompt a user to click it and continue down  a conversion funnel.

Why should you know about them?
Calls to actions take your direct marketing to the next level.

Calls to actions are the trigger that leads a reader to engage in a meaningful next step with your company or content. They should stand out and jump out at the reader to convince them of the value of your offer and get them clicking. Thus increasing your click through rates and increasing your rate of responses. They also increase the results you achieve by helping to clearly drive your recipients to your desired outcome.  Without a call to action in your e-mail broadcast or direct mail it is very likely to be ineffective and incomplete.

How to improve your calls to action on your direct mail and e-mail broadcasts.
• Before asking people to respond, first identify a problem and present a solution.
• Offering a little extra such as incentives, discounts, entry into competitions or free gifts to give your reader that extra reason to click through.
• Create a sense of urgency and use active words such as call, buy, register, subscribe and donate.
• Place your call to action buttons or banners in areas of space to avoid the noise from the content around it. This will allow the call to action stand out and more likely get clicked.
• Calls to actions should be similar to landing pages therefore consistency matters.
• Some of the best spots for call to actions are the upper right hand corner, at the end of the article, within the content itself, in a right hand side bar and on the top banner.

Beware of the call to action gap.

From the call to action to the actual landing page sometimes an interest gap occurs. This is where the actual landing page does not live up to the call to action. Don’t let your recipient make the effort to click to a landing page which offers no value to what the call to action had previously offered or fill out unnecessary details as they won’t.

You won’t become the ultimate email marketing guru over night; but with the right data, service and call to action you will be able to rapidly boost your results. Register your interest with us today!

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