Are you a one-off?

With millions of records you’d think we’d struggle to find unique individuals amongst them, but that’s just not the case. Because we can segment people by their interests as well as the more common age and location, we really can find the exact people you are looking for.

14 JULY 2017

What is GDPR & will it affect me?

In the first in a series of posts about GDPR, we are going to cover the basics of what it actually is, why it has come into being, and how it will affect both individuals and companies alike.

31 MAY 2017

Addressing the OCR requirement

OCR or Optical Character Recognition refers to the ability of machines to identify and read printed text. By making the addresses on your direct mail pieces OCR compliant it removes the need for them to be sorted by hand, making postage costs cheaper for you.

24 MAY 2017

Why your business needs prospect data

49.6% of companies use data provided by third parties. This is the finding of research conducted in 2016 by Royal Mail Data Services. The figure may surprise you, as we're often told that prospect data is a no-go area, but it's a proven option, that works.

5 MAY 2017

Introduction to design

Design is the way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, helping solve problems creatively - improving the way your business operates - and adding value to your products/services.

09 AUGUST 2016

A guide to email marketing

Email is often one of the most important aspects of the direct marketing mix for both business and consumer marketing. In a study just published in March 2016, 64% of companies rate email marketing as the most effective marketing channel.

10 MARCH 2016

Sourcing, using, cleaning and enhancing lists

The quality of the list is the single most important success factor in a DM campaign. The more thought put into its selection, the more accurate the targeting will be and the more responsive the campaign.

4 MARCH 2016