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Are you a one-off?

14/07/2017 By MarketingFile MarketingFile - Are you a one-off?

With millions of records you’d think we’d struggle to find unique individuals amongst them, but that’s just not the case. Because we can segment people by their interests as well as the more common age and location, we really can find the exact people you are looking for.

Here are a just a few of the unique individuals we’ve found
– no names though!

We’ll start with an unexpected snowboarder. Our dog owning pensioner is obviously a thrill seeker, because as well as being a boarder, he drives a TVR.

We have a female accountant who quite clearly wants to break a stereotype or two. As someone who rides a Harley Davidson, she’s not your average accountant, and her interest in DIY doesn’t immediately scream biker.

We’re split in the office about this cricket lover. Some of us think he is an Englishman renting a house in Aberdeenshire, others think he’s a Scot with a guilty pleasure.

This self-employed home-owner from Birmingham has 5 children. No wonder he is interested in beach holidays, it’s probably the only time he gets to relax.

We’re not sure how many palaeontologists there are in the country, but we have details of a married one in their 30’s.

It’s becoming far more common for young adults to still live at home with their parents, but we only have one who is 27-years-old has a full-time job and reads house & home magazines.

It may come as a surprise to you, it does to us, but not all London fashion photographers are like Austin Powers. We have a married one on our database who likes relaxing by doing puzzles.

And the last one of our individuals for the moment is this lady. A married 25-year-old, who’s sports car is less than 3 years’ old.

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