The secrets to good email marketing

by MarketingFile 15. July 2015 10:00

If you’re deciding to send an email campaign for the first time you may have read many blogs, guides [More]

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Improve your direct mail

by MarketingFile 8. July 2015 10:00

Market testing has gone on to prove that 'targeting' and the 'offer' in a marketing piece are the ke [More]

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Improve your response rate

by MarketingFile 1. July 2015 10:00

A huge number of factors affect the response rate to your campaign. This tip-sheet is designed to ma [More]

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Make telemarketing work for your business

by MarketingFile 24. June 2015 10:00

Telemarketing can be a dark horse in terms of ways to market your business. However, telemarketing c [More]

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Marketing Strategy week 4: Measurement and Control

by MarketingFile 17. June 2015 10:00

We are now on our final week of our marketing strategy tips focusing on the part of the strategy whi [More]

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