Reach the right inboxes

by MarketingFile 6. October 2016 10:30

Data is only one aspect of email campaign success, getting your message into the inbox of your prospects is crucial. 

With this in mind, for just a £25 set-up fee, if you purchase consumer data from MarketingFile we will send your email at no charge to all contacts using our Touchpoint solution. 

This means you can start to build a new prospect list, use Touchpoint to reach them, for just 25p per sent email address. 

Contact Laura Moore for further details. She can then discuss your consumer data requirements and the email broadcast:

> Email 

> Phone 01462 424 626

About Touchpoint 

The ‘Touchpoint’ solution from MarketingFile enables you to manage your direct marketing campaigns from start to finish, all within one system. Upload customer or prospect data directly and send email, postal or SMS campaigns using your own templates, or utilising pre-designed ones within the system.


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