NSN Electrical cover all aspects of electrical work; domestic, commercial and industrial in Penzance and the surrounding areas.

NSN were looking to generate new clients for their business, and had decided that a direct mail campaign would be the way forward. They knew they would need help to create a mailer that would reflect the professional standards of their business, so they got in touch with us.

The Challenge

During the initial call to discuss the design requirements for NSN’s postal campaign, we spoke to them about the response mechanisms that they had in place, and where the mailer was going to drive people once they received it.

While direct response was desired, they understood that people would also visit their website. Unfortunately, the existing NSN Electrical website consisted of just a single page with a logo, image and contact details, but no contact form.

How We Helped

We advised NSN that for the postal campaign to have the greatest chance of success, then the website that people arrive at should reflect the same quality and professionalism as the mailing. We proposed that we build them a new site for the mailing campaign to direct people to.

By replicating a fresh look and feel across the website and the mailing piece we were able to create the website without delaying the launch of the direct mail campaign. At the same time, we ensured that the message the prospects saw was consistent each time they interacted with the company.



The combination of the new website and direct mail piece has helped generate many more business opportunities for the company, making the campaign a success. In addition, to this NSN have also had positive feedback about their website from their existing clients.