Citroën is one of the UK’s top ten manufacturers selling over 80,000 newly registered vehicles in 2014 from dealerships all across the country.

Its reputation for innovation and revolutionary engineering, reflected in its slogan “créative technologie” has led to award winning vehicles such as the Citroën GS, CX, XM and more recently its Citroen DS, the third most influential car of the 20th century. MarketingFile have been working with Citroën since 2005 supplying high quality direct marketing data to their UK dealerships.


Objective of the project

Citroën’s overall objective was for their dealerships to carry out regular direct marketing messages to prospective customers in their local areas of interest (AOI) to increase test drives and ultimately sales.

In offering a direct marketing solution to their dealers, Citroën head office hoped to achieve consistency across their dealer marketing using centralised marketing material for email and direct mail, personalised to each dealer principle.


How we met their needs

To achieve Citroën’s objective we worked closely with Kristian and Acuity, their creative agency, to integrate our Touchpoint Managed Prospecting Service into their dealer marketing process, implementing a uniformed direct marketing communication strategy across their UK dealerships.

The Plan

Citroën incentivised each dealer to allocate a percentage of their annual marketing budget into direct marketing which would cover the cost of prospecting data and direct mail and email fulfilment. An on-going quarterly marketing plan will then be developed by Citroën head office with all creative being produced by Acuity, i.e. postcards, letters and email templates. This is to ensure each dealer regularly sends Citroën approved marketing messages to increase their sales.


Our Touchpoint managed service not only allows Citroën’s centralised marketing team to manage their dealerships direct marketing all in one place, but also saved costs through economies of scale. This is how Citroën incentivised their dealers, offering a cheaper and easier alternative for their prospect marketing. The managed service also means the weekly activity of sending a postcard and email for each dealer is all handled by Touchpoint.

Data Selections

Each week data is selected from our wide choice of prospect lists based on specific SMMT groups, car ages and car makes, targeting people with similar competitor models such as SMMT group A (small cars) for the new Citroën C1. This data is then sub-targeted using demographic and geographic selections such as age, gender, income and location.



The Touchpoint Managed Prospecting Service has already been integrated for 57 dealerships with all seeing positive results from both postal and email campaigns. On average the open rates for email campaigns is 20% with a click through rate of 15%.

Across all the dealerships we have also seen an average delivery rate for postal campaigns of 98%. This has resulted in higher levels of enquiries across all dealerships leading to increased sales of their new and used vehicles.