Since 1988
  • How we started

    We were the first company in Europe to offer business and consumer lists online, creating our original website back in 1998.

    With the internet evolving rapidly back then we undertook a major re-launch in 2001 rebranding ourselves as we are known today, MarketingFile.

  • The MarketingFile journey

    Along the way we constantly developed our products and services bringing customers the latest direct marketing tools and techniques. We saw the introduction of the TPS and FPS legislation and the emergence of email marketing.

  • Where we are today

    MarketingFile is the UK’s leading online supplier of direct marketing lists, working with industry specialists to provide the widest choice of business and consumer prospect data.

    Our customer base covers every UK business sector, so no matter what type or size of business you are, we will provide high quality marketing lists to suit your needs.