Intelligent Data Group

IDG are the UK's leading data specialist. They pride themselves on their knowledge and understanding of the data industry. This ensures that you, as a business can maximise the opportunities within your marketplace using this business to business data.

Data Protection Act registration number: Z951038X.

Business File
100% Mail and Email Delivery Guaranteed

This comprehensive business file provides access to key decision makers including those who are responsible for Finance, IT, Purchasing and HR at companies in the United Kingdom.

Email Business File
100% Mail and Email Delivery Guaranteed

The Email Business File covers all business sectors in the United Kingdom; it contains opt-in e-mail addresses. The job roles and areas of responsibility within the company have been confirmed, which means marketing information can be directed to where it will be most effective.



We understand no marketing list is 100% perfect, but we believe you shouldn't have to pay for mail and email items which cannot be delivered.