HPS is a creative marketing company based in Marlow working with many blue chip companies such as The Body Shop, Playstation and Rolls-Royce.

HPS cover a range of services for their clients from marketing strategy, social media, branding, content marketing to PR. HPS are specialists in the automotive sector working with BMW for their local dealer marketing activity through to social media and vehicle launch campaigns.


Objective of the project

HPS’s objective for this particular project was focused on four BMW dealerships. These specific dealerships were not achieving the prospected sale levels for their larger luxury saloon/Grand Tourer cars compared to other models.

To increase sales for the BMW 6 and 7 series models, HPS planned on running an email marketing campaign to potential customers within each dealer’s location who would have an interest in buying a luxury car.


How we met their needs

As soon as we received the client’s brief, requiring highly targeted prospect data, we used the extensive databases we have access to from our range of list owners to find the most suitable targeted data.


When selecting the prospect data we established the required criteria, which was location to the dealerships, demographics; age, gender, car driver, and if they were likely to purchase a car in the next 12 months. This selection of data is collected from insurance enquiries ensuring the data is actual and accurate.


Using our TradingFloor marketing list, data selectable by make and model, and our extensive knowledge of previous automotive marketing campaigns we selected owners of competitor models similar to the luxury 6 and 7 series BMW such as the S Class Mercedes and Audi A8.


We then de-duplicated the prospect file against their current customer base, ensuring no overlaps occurred. As all of our data files are held in-house we were able to deliver the prospect marketing lists to HPS promptly working to their time scales and overall marketing campaign plan.



After the email campaigns were broadcast all four dealerships had positive results, with one dealership achieving an incredible 39% open rate.

Both HPS and BMW were extremely happy with the results from the campaign and has resulted in these dealerships reaching prospects who they would not have contacted without using the prospect data file from MarketingFile, turning these enquiries into appointments, test drives and ultimately sales.