Make the most of your options in B2C targeting

by MarketingFile 13. September 2016 11:20

Before you purchase a prospect consumer list it is important that you make the most of all the data options open to you. Make sure you take the time to build your data list with your perfect prospect in mind. To achieve this you need make sure you have a good understanding of all the data attributes you can apply. This helps you drill down to who will be most interested in you - reducing wastage and helping you maximise return on investment (ROI) on your data spend. 

For example, understanding the filtering options available for basic consumer data information can help you target and tailor your marketing campaigns more effectively.

You can then overlay additional lifestyle attributes (on top of the basic data) which will get you one step ahead in reaching the right consumer with the right message.

Household data provides further options when creating your perfect prospect lists: