Valentine's Day Infographic

by MarketingFile 5. February 2014 09:33

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching we have put together an infographic which captures some great facts and figures about the most romantic day of the year but also how to make the most of your direct marketing campaigns.

As the amount of spending reaches nearly £1billion over the Valentine’s weekend, whether you are business or consumer facing it is a great opportunity to ensure you get your marketing messages out there in time for your customers to react to.

Make most of the theme in your direct mail piece and send informative messages on how your products or services will benefit your customers at this time of year, or add an incentive or promotion if your products or services are not Valentine's Day focused.

For example, here at MarketingFile we are here for your direct marketing needs, a specific B2B market. This doesn’t mean we cannot entice customers with a Valentine’s Day competition – all we be revealed Monday 10th February!


Some of our top tips on making your direct marketing pieces stand out are:

1. Make your direct marketing stand out and connect with your audience using creative content. Writing interesting facts or information about your company and the services it provides or industry news and updates which have a connection to your customers will ensure they read your message all the way to the end.

2. At this time of year a gift guide may come in handy for your customer's, this can be for both business and consumer facing industries. Identifying specific products or services which will suit your customer's campaigns or needs can make the purchasing process easier all round.

3. Do not feel the need to try and shorted ‘Valentine's Day’ in your email subject line. Although it takes up 15 characters, the suggested length being 40-50 characters in total, but shortening to V-Day has other meanings relating to violence which may not go down to well for your open rates. 


The facts used in the infographic were collected from the following sources: 

Telegraph, Digital Strategy Consulting, BBC, Travelodge

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