Understanding your unsubscribes

by MarketingFile 27. August 2013 10:54

Email marketing is effective because customers have chosen to subscribe and receive marketing material. They also have the option to unsubscribe at any point. All marketers have to accept a certain amount of email list depreciation, however if your experiencing a high number of unsubscribes then you may want to take into account simple steps to minimise them.

There are many reasons why people unsubscribe such as:

Not interested in your product/service

No longer interested in your product/service

Offers/promotions/content are not what was expected

Irrelevant offer/promotion/content

The goal of understanding your unsubscribes is to enable the unsubscriber to help improve your email marketing strategy, by providing feedback as to why they decided to unsubscribe. The ability to optimise this and use it to improve your email content, frequency and relevancy is a powerful tool for greater insights and strategy into your email marketing.

There are numerous ways to minimise your unsubscribes:

Sharing original, quality content to your audience through channels such as blogs, contests, photos, interviews and info-graphics.

Testing the frequency of when you send your marketing emails. Find the most beneficial time to capture your audience’s attention. Choosing different days and times, will allow you to pinpoint the most responsive day and time to send marketing emails.

Better target and segment your list. Email segmentation is important because it allows you to deliver only the most relevant, customised content to your list. The more specific your segments are the easier it will be to deliver content that speaks directly to their interests. At MarketingFile we can segment prospective data by various criteria to ensure the data you are supplied with is highly targeted for your campaigns.

Organise your content based on your segments. Mapping relevant content to your segmented lists gives them the most suitable email content ensuring relevancy and decreasing your instances of unsubscribes.

Leverage exclusivity. Nobody wants to stop receiving exclusive offers regarding offers on products/services that they are interested in. Making your messages and offering exclusive to your audience will make them feel valued and therefore unlikely to unsubscribe even if they don’t take advantage of your offer on that particular occasion.

The most important factor to minimising unsubscribes is taking the time to solicit feedback from them. Unsubscribe surveys can be a great way to communicate with someone that is no longer interested in your products/services, there maybe an opportunity to figure out why and improve the way you offer them. Asking them specific questions to find out why they unsubscribed can help you improve your marketing strategy.

Keeping your subscriber lists frequently up to date is also a great way to lower overall unsubscribe rates. Fresh and preferably opt-in email addresses perform better and have a higher deliverability rate based on better open and click performance. If you have a database of email addresses that maybe inaccurate try MarketingFile’s data appending service where we can replace inaccurate email addresses with up to date ones whilst also adding additional intelligence such as household income or telephone numbers.

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