The rise of consumer data

by MarketingFile 16. July 2013 14:10

Good news for businesses marketing to consumers. Consumer data is expected to become more detailed, informative and targeted. According to the DMA/fast.MAP Data Tracking Report ‘consumer willingness to share data with brands has rocketed over the past 18 months’. Over 50% of the 1,193 UK adults that took part in a survey for the DMA/fast.MAP Data Tracking Report were willing to provide basic information such as name, address and email to receive marketing.

Marketing data expert Equifax links the rise in consumer confidence in sharing data with improving practices to secure trust. Consumer engagement will always be at the centre of the direct marketing industry and therefore gaining consumer’s hearts and their data will always be the main focus.

Brands such as Unilever are ensuring that their privacy policies are communicated better so that consumers understand what their data is being used for. Trust is the main focal point for consumers sharing their data; however having a clear data privacy policy is increasingly essential. 43% state that a clear data privacy policy would encourage them to share their data compared to one in three 18 months ago. Research indicates that how data protection notices are worded can improve the permission-to-market rate by as much as 100%, with the best statements reducing opt out rates by as much as 10%.

If you collect data from your consumers make sure you are transparent about how you use their personal data for marketing purposes; implement the correct rules and procedures at all times and you will be able to improve targeted marketing and protect your reputation at the same time.

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