The power of personalisation

by MarketingFile 3. July 2013 09:40

To ensure marketing is targeted, a majority of professionals say personalisation is an essential part of any successful campaign.

Marketing is everywhere; everyday people are bombarded with marketing messages. The question asked by many marketers is, how do you cut through the ever growing marketing noise and really attract your audience’s attention? Coco Cola have the answer. You personalise your product to meet the needs of your audience and provoke a response.

Coca Cola’s ‘Share A Coke’ summer campaign took a huge step into the world of personalisation by replacing the world’s most iconic brand with 250 names.

The campaign was intended to drive a huge buzz and engagement and it has done exactly that. Millions of people are taking to social media platforms with images of their personalised coke bottles.

Marketers can learn from Coca Cola’s personalised campaign for their email and direct mail campaigns.

As a company that broadcasts email campaigns and completes the printing and posting of direct mail campaigns on our clients behalf’s, we see a lot of emails and letters that are still not personalised. In today’s environment we are showered with marketing messages which we don’t have the time to open or read. However, by at least personalising campaigns your audience will be more inclined to read on and take action. With 96% of organisations believing that personalised marketing improves response rates and personalised emails improve click through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10% (Hubspot); it’s impossible to tell why many marketers fail to personalise.

The next step to securing a tailored message is targeted data.Business and consumer data which is clean and sourced from high quality list owners can make the difference and achieve higher open and click through rates.

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