The age of SMS marketing

by MarketingFile 18. December 2014 10:00

Did you know SMS marketing is coming up to its 22nd Birthday this December? That’s 22 years of learning about sending text messages, first of all for personal use and in more recent years for business purposes.

So how much do you know about sending text messages for marketing purposes?

If that answer is not a lot, we’re here to help!

SMS marketing can make a great companion to your other marketing activities, ideally complimenting another direct marketing channels such as email or direct mail. They can be used to direct readers to a landing page with more information on your product or offer, or they are a great tool to use as a reminder service or for a specific sales event.

Writing your message

Producing your text message will be challenging, although if you have experience using Twitter then you know how to write in under a certain limit, and with SMS you get an extra 20 characters! As you have limited space to get your message across set an objective for the text, think about what action you want them to take, it might be visiting your store or signing up to your services. This will then determine what you’re able to put in the message. For example if you want to include a link take into account how many characters this will use.

Segment for your SMS

Segmenting your data is still an important aspect of your SMS marketing, targeting the right message at the right person at the right time is vital with text messaging as the text is usually opened immediately. As with any direct marketing activity you need to make sure your offer or product is relevant to the person you’re sending to, so make sure you get your targeting accurate.

Measure your results

As with any marketing activity ensure you have the relevant tools in place to measure the performance of your SMS campaign. To warrant future campaigns you need to know whether the campaign has been successful, this will be measured against your original objectives.

Topping it off, here are some pro’s and con’s to SMS marketing:

Pro’s for SMS marketing

Has an average open rate of 90%.

Inexpensive – starting from 10p per record with Touchpoint.

Over 80% of the UK population own a smartphone, if you require them to take action on the text as soon as they open it they can.

Readers are opted in to receive SMS marketing, being more responsive to your message.

Ability to offer impromptu offers as messages are instantly delivered.

Increasing numbers of users across a wider age range.

Con’s for SMS marketing

Only allowed 160 characters.

The same message cannot be repeated, fresh content will be needed for every text.

If you want to find out more about SMS marketing give our team a call on 0845 345 7755, they can help select targeted data and set up your SMS campaign!

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