The Trading Floor’s Explanation into “What makes consumer data superior?”

by MarketingFile 2. October 2013 09:08

Choosing the most suitable direct marketing list for your marketing campaign can be a daunting task, especially if the data available is difficult to understand.

Therefore we are conducting interviews with our list owners to generate some useful information to aid your decision making when choosing direct marketing lists.

In this week’s insightful interview we are providing you with valuable information regarding the databases we hold at MarketingFile from list owner, The Trading Floor.

We have caught up Lauren McGillicuddy, Account Manager at The Trading Floor, to find out what type of consumer data they hold and why it is superior in the data industry.

Who is The Trading Floor?

The Trading Floor was established as a transactional data supplier in 2005 and in 2011 was acquired by the CallCredit Information Group. Along with the acquisition came significant investment in resource and technologies combined with the increased wealth of consumer data, the newly expanded Group has already launched a number of innovative products/services, generating considerable benefits for our clients.

Let’s introduce Lauren McGillicuddy

Lauren has been with The Trading Floor for the past 5 years and manages agency and direct clients, working with them to ensure they receive targeted and accurate data for campaigns in the retail, automotive, mail order and insurance sectors.

Let’s find out how their databases could help you find new customers…

MF (MarketingFile) LM (Lauren McGillicuddy)

MF: What sets The Trading Floor aside from other consumer data providers?

LM: We have an unparalleled and unbiased database with a 360° degree view of the UK consumer base. Combining two of the largest databases in the UK – CallCredit Marketing Solutions and The Trading Floor provides us access to consumer data that offers infinite possibilities. With our unique transactional data we are the UK’s market leading data supplier.

MF: Why and who would benefit from using your Automotive Prospect File?

LM: Having the largest automotive database in the UK means we can supply automotive clients of all sizes from the single dealership to nationwide automotive companies. We have the in-depth data that allows clients to target drivers by:

·         Actual make and model

·         Registration plate

·         Age of vehicle

·         Other variables such as income/age/demographics

The accuracy of our insurance and automotive data ensures you get in touch with the correct person at the optimum time, via the right channel.

MF: Why and who would benefit from using your Home Insurance Prospect File?

LM: The unique quality of our data offers very specific detail such as the exact date of when a consumer’s home insurance renewal is due, alongside property price and income to ensure you are not discerning about the consumers you offer products to. We have more multichannel data than any other UK data supplier which means we can provide email and telephone data for follow up which in turn increases conversion rates!

Allowing a variety of insurers, from the largest in the UK to companies with more niche insurance offerings, the chance to not only acquire new customers but also cross and up sell other insurance products combining our trigger data.

MF: Why and who would benefit from using your Mail Order Prospect File?

LM: Retail companies looking to target people who shop online and via brochure often utilise this data looking to acquire new customers, we also use this variable as additional insight into people’s buying habits including what they purchase and their average & lifetime order values. The insight we have available allows marketers to analyse their own customer data and target consumers via their preferred contact method maximising the ROI.

MF: Could you tell us more about your multiple collection methods?

LM: We collect data in a variety of ways; over the telephone, in-store/branch, online via financial applications, insurance quotations and mail order applications. This means we see over 60% of the consumers in our database from over 3 separate sources – further verifying the accuracy allowing us to contact consumers via the most effective channel/s. Multichannel campaigns provide uplift on the performance and where appropriate we always recommend this approach. With the addition of our synchronised cookie data we can now target people via a fourth channel - online advertising.

MF: How does the transactional data within your products ensure ‘real information’ is provided?

LM: Originating from sources such as insurance quotations and financial applications our data is highly accurate based on a duty of disclosure the consumers are required to use.  For example if you do not provide the correct details on an insurance policy the policy is valueless. We can provide details such as full number plate and make/model of the vehicles people drive which allows us to further personalise campaigns providing higher engagement with the consumers within our database.

MF: Lastly, how do you ensure your data is real, accurate and innovative?

LM: We're confident we've got the most granular recency flags available and we know we use the most robust data verification methods to authenticate contact details. This includes using real-time email feedback loops to ensure bounces are replaced with alternative emails, and with the majority of data in define sourced from real-time feeds we can be confident that we are selecting the most recent and up to date records.


We work closely with our resellers, clients and end users to ensure we can provide the best solutions possible and often use feedback to implement change where it matters – we bring new and exciting data offerings to market ensuring we are always a step ahead.

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