Subject Lines are Gold Mines

by MarketingFile 10. January 2013 10:56

Whoever said that first impressions were lasting impressions were spot on!

The subject line in your e-mail campaign is the first impression given to the recipient. For the majority of e-mail clients the only information that is shown to the recipient at first glance is the sender name and the subject line. If you’re contacting cold contacts then heavy reliance is placed on your subject line to get that well earned open and click through rate.

Always remember: ‘The best subject lines tell what’s inside rather than sell what’s inside’.

The amount of characters you use can positively or negatively impact the success of your campaigns. It may seem obvious but loading your subject line with the most important information and pushing it to the far left will ensure that recipients will read information that in some way will fulfil a need of theirs. Research shows that shorter subject lines have higher click through and open rates.

We have passed the age of ‘batch and blast’ with personalising e-mails becoming a must-do. Speaking directly to your recipient and communicating with them on a personal level will encourage them to see what you have to say.

Subject lines revolve around the big debate of clarity versus creativity. Newsletter subscribers prefer simple, straightforward and consistent subject lines. While special offer subscribers prefer numbers in the subject line for quantifiable information. Segmentation is key! By segmenting and separating registered users such as those who signed up for newsletters and special offers; subject lines will become more targeted.

Top tips to for subject lines:

1. Test, test and test again.
2. Know who is opening your e-mails and on what devices.
3. Have a key focus, if you’re marketing an offer focus on only that in the subject line.
4. Tell don’t sell.
5. Spell check it! (Remember the saying first impressions last)
6. Empathise with your recipient. If you were them would you want to receive this e-mail?

On an ambiguous note: If your subject line gets the key message across why would people bother opening it?

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