Start ups, get your business off to a great start with direct marketing

by MarketingFile 1. August 2013 11:00

These are tough economic times and it must be even more of a struggle for new businesses starting up. The Guardian reported almost 500,000 new businesses were launched in Britain last year.

There are a number of reasons why start ups fail and a common fault is the product or service offered was not marketed in a compelling enough value proposition. This therefore did not attract new customers or encourage customers to commit to purchasing.

As a new business, survival and finding new customers are the two main strategies that must be addressed within business models. Ensuring your marketing your product or service to the right people couldn’t be any more essential for survival as well as growth.

How direct marketing can help start ups.

Direct marketing permits start ups to target potential customers using channels such as direct mail, email marketing, telemarketing and fax broadcasting. Targeting your potential customers couldn’t be any simpler through the large range of selections used to segment business or consumer data. Dedicated direct marketing companies can help start up businesses with the segmentation process by pinpointing the exact audience which is relevant to the product or service being marketed.

Once direct marketing has converted prospective customers to customers; it can be used an effective retention strategy to develop on-going relationships. Enabling start ups to maximise their customer’s loyalty, value and profitability over time.

Using data to its full potential.

Any prospective data can be used for direct marketing; however the quality, accuracy and relevance of it must not be over-looked. Investing extra money and time to find quality data will reveal the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful campaign.

The more thought and research put into selections will illustrate a more accurate, targeted and responsive campaign. This ensures the list is the most suited audience to market a specific product or service to.

Targeted campaigns are more likely to yield better results than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Therefore campaigns should be carried out in controllable quantities according to the resources at hand. An appropriate distribution is easier to handle with responses being dealt with more efficiently and professionally.

MarketingFile allows you to segment data by various selections from business type/size, employee position to consumer habits.

Creating compelling content

Targeted data alone can’t sell ice to the Eskimos. Prospective customers must understand how they will benefit from the product or service being offered. The message created must highlight a problem and market a product or service that will be the solution. This in turn will create value and present benefits. Pointing prospective customers in the right direction will guarantee they take a look at the product or service on offer, therefore messages that include call to actions tell your audience what you want them to do.

Buying lists online.

Visit MarketingFile where you can search through a wide range of business and consumer databases and target your ideal customers using the selections available. Choose to target your customers through their preferred channel of choice whether it is telemarketing, email marketing, direct mail or fax broadcasting.

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