Sending Your Reader’s the Right Message: Tips on Email Marketing

by MarketingFile 30. May 2013 11:00

Over the past several years, many marketing professionals have established email marketing as the best way to communicate with your customer. Not only is it cost effective, but it also places your company brand in front of them on a consistent basis. Creating a positive experience for customers whenever they receive a newsletter or email in their inbox is important; emails are personal and if not approached in that tone when writing the marketing material, will end up in the trash bin as spam.

What is the best way of getting the reader to open the email, read it, and then respond to it? The most important part of any email whether it is an internal message, newsletters, or promotional marketing is the headline. The subject line, in the case of email, needs to grab the attention of the person receiving it immediately; it must also share what the content is about in one short line. Let’s look at an example of headline writing.

Poor Example of a Headline/Subject Line: News from “Company Brand”

The reason why this headline is a poor example, the line is not attention grabbing at all, nor will it cause the reader’s curiosity to be aroused enough to open the email and it is boring.

Good Example of a Headline/Subject Line: (Recipients Name), our Company is going “GREEN” and we Need you to Help!

The good example personalises the email, while creating an opportunity for the recipient to help the company with its desire to go “Green” as the subject states. If a person is environmentally conscious, they will want to read the email and respond to see how they can help.

The second most important part of sending out email marketing correspondence to customers is to provide worthwhile content. If you’re creating emails with the use of an HTML template make certain the email is still “readable” without the picture displays. Make the copy (content) easy to scan because chances are the reader will not read every word. It the information in the email is lengthy, than create a table of contents where the titles link to certain sections of the newsletter for easy navigation.

Lastly, do not use email communications to push several promotions all at once. Each email marketing campaign should only be making ONE point. Because if too many points are made at once within the email then the recipient will more than likely only recall one of the company’s promotions anyway.

Email marketing is an effective tool to communicating with the customers as long as it is done correctly. The headline will make the difference between being read and being deleted as spam.

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