Reliable data can capture a customer's fleeting attention

by MarketingFile 12. April 2013 10:28

How do we know that customer attention is fleeting?

A report compiled by the Associated Press has found that the ‘average attention span of adults has plummeted from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2012’. Most worryingly this statistic has been negatively compared to a gold fish’s attention span of 9 seconds!

Why is customer attention fleeting?

We live in a world where we are bombarded by marketing material whether it is through the telephone, email, text or post. We naturally have become selective to what messages we take action on and what messages we discard. It’s a buyer empowered world where if your communicating with customers or potential customers through email, social media or direct mail it can be challenging to get your message heard by the right person.

Therefore the challenge for marketers is to cut through the noise with marketing messages that actually add value and create a solution to a problem that your audience may have.

How can reliable data capture a fleeting customer’s attention?

The first stage to cutting through the noise is by choosing the most reliable data to use for your direct marketing campaigns.
Ensure the data you buy:

1. Is from a company that is registered through the Direct Marketing Association.
2. Has a clear data trail so you can find out how the data is sourced, how it is collated and how often the data is refreshed.
3. Allows you to make a selection by direct marketing channels for campaigns.
4. Can be segmented by a dedicated account manager to ensure a targeted database.
5. Comes with a data quality guarantee.

To find out more about which databases maybe suitable for your direct marketing strategies give one of our dedicated managers a call on 0845 345 7755 or drop us an email at

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