Postal data you buy should be PAF validated

by MarketingFile 3. May 2013 09:09

Postcodes are an essential part of address data, they allow you to find customers in your database or CRM system quickly in order to analyse sales by area or perform sophisticated demographic analysis.

What is PAF validation?
PAF stands for Postcode Address File it is complied, updated and supplied quarterly by
The Royal Mail who holds all known UK addresses and postcodes.

PAF data is critical when managing contact data as it ensures contact addresses are up-to-date and accurate. This kind of data is vital for accurate mailing and demographic analysis for your customer base.

It is the process of checking a businesses or consumers postal address for accuracy.  PAF is the most update and complete database in the UK containing over 28 million addresses.

On average 60% of business addresses and 90% of consumer addresses can be PAF validated and matched accurately.

PAF validation is an invaluable tool for creating and maintaining mailing lists and databases, as well as reducing the number of returned or undeliverable items.

Why are PAF validated postal addresses so important?
Firstly, they eliminate database spelling mistakes and formatting errors. This ensures the data quality of the postal lists by improving and removing poor quality address data and validates your customer’s identity. The validation of postal addresses and your customer’s identity can allow you to use postcode data for customer profiling.

One of the most important and overlooked reasons as to why your postal lists should be bought from a company that uses PAF validation is pretty simple. If you’re using postal lists for direct marketing then your purpose is to promote your brand, products or services in the best possible light. PAF validated postal lists allow you do this because they promote a professional image by getting it right so that your communications reach your intended recipients and ensures the customer’s address is spelt correctly.

What are the benefits of PAF validated postal lists?
• Saves time and re-posting costs by correctly addressing mailings.
• Corrects or adds missing postcodes.
• Complete and accurate addresses in your customer database help ensure that your communications reach the intended recipients.
• Ensures that your customer and prospect addresses are able to mail to.
• Allows you to use highly targeted postal marketing lists to market your products or services.
• Portrays a professional corporate image to ensure affinity with your customers by spelling their address correctly in your communications.

If you want to ensure that the postal lists you buy are PAF validated so that you take advantage from the above benefits, always ask the company you are buying the postal lists from if they use PAF to validate their addresses.

MarketingFile are a licensee of Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File and therefore use it to validate postal addresses.  Take a look at what postal databases are available

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