Marketers should use data to understand, engage & deliver

by MarketingFile 3. June 2013 11:00

“Without understanding, marketing is inappropriate and ineffective” Gene Alvarez, Gartner VP and distinguished analyst stated at a Customer 360 Summit.

Your customer database is one of the most strategically important systems and therefore managing it should be a marketer’s number #1 strategic priority.

Many marketers see attracting and retaining customers as one of their top business strategies. The way you understand and engage with your customers; the way you deliver your messages to them can make or break your brand image. Take for example a majority of Apple customers whose feelings towards the brand is: “It’s so great, I can’t stop ordering!”

So how can you understand, engage and deliver for your customers?


Customers have evolved, and fortunately we can monitor their buying decisions and purchase behaviour from simple demographics to behaviour using elements such as location and intent. This is where the importance of direct marketing data plays its part; by enhancing the performance of marketing, sales and service.

The vast amounts of data that are available can make any data driven marketing seem like a daunting exercise however, the key word here is variety. Collecting and sourcing a varied amount of data about your customers or prospective customers can then be used to gain a deeper understanding about their needs. A simple customer profiling service offered by MarketingFile can ensure the data you need is sourced for your campaign.


Customers want us to be there, when and where they want us; ensuring communications are personal and relevant. For example, you have sent out an email campaign that has received a great click through rate and therefore the next step would be to find out a little bit more about the people that clicked through by emailing or phoning them to find out why they clicked through and what interested them.

Therefore when buying email lists a complementary product would be to buy telephone numbers to then follow up ‘interested clicks’.

Every opportunity to build engagement with customers at every touchpoint will allow organisations to gain a better understanding of what their customers need.


A great example of delivering customer promise through innovation and data is Barclaycard. They have allowed cardholders who are community members to vote on the APR of their Barclaycard Ring, a crowdsourced, variable APR credit card. Barclaycard makes clear what the profitability will be, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of changing the rate. This approach provides transparency and the community-driven nature of the card build engagement.

Make sure your customer data is up-to-date and reliable to ensure deliverability

MarketingFile provide a number of services to ensure your customer data is up-to date, such as:

TPS, MPS & FPS to ensure your marketing to consumers or businesses that legally want to receive marketing.

Data appending to increase the value of the your customer or prospect data by adding additional intelligence to them such as missing or incorrect email addresses.

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