Are loyalty schemes effecting Direct Marketing campaigns?

by MarketingFile 4. October 2013 08:40

With many UK and international companies dabbling in loyalty scheme cards for their customers, some better than others, it is becoming a more prominent method in data collection and direct marketing campaigns.

If you look in your wallets, handbags or purses there will be at least one loyalty card, whether it is the most popular clubcard around from Tesco or the recently revealed Nando’s reward card or even the outdated Blockbuster card, there will be a loyalty card of some sort in your possession.

What does this mean?

Every time someone does their weekly food shop, eat out, buy books, go shopping or even take a flight there is information on how they spend, where they go and how often being collected. This information is invaluable to any company, no matter how big or small.

With over 100 million people belonging to a loyalty scheme and using their cards everyday billions of pieces of data is becoming available to businesses all over the world, so how do you make sure you are buying the right data for your marketing needs?

Tesco Clubcard

Let’s take Tesco as an example, they have had their clubcard scheme since 1995 and is still one the most popular loyalty schemes around, that is down to how they use the data collected. Tesco have learnt to be responsive and targeted with its messages using the rich data collected on consumer behaviour, which is something we could all learn from, but have balanced it with the privacy of their consumers and making sure they are not bombarded with marketing messages from all and sundry. 

How can you copy this we hear you asking? Well, aside from starting your own loyalty scheme – which can be expensive and may not be beneficial to your business, you still want the data collected and the know-how on what to do with it.

MarketingFile are here to help

This is where MarketingFile can help, with 15 years experience in the data and direct marketing industries we work with the best known and best established list providers to give you the widest choice of data, at the most competitive prices.

With our customer base covering every sector of UK businesses, we can first of all provide you with the right data for your business needs, and secondly we can help you put into action. With our direct marketing fulfilment services such as print and post from 49p, email campaigns from 3p or SMS campaigns, MarketingFile is here to help you from start to finish for your next direct marketing campaign.

So to take a leaf out of Tesco’s book and plan your next targeted direct marketing campaign, speak to MarketingFile, we are here to help you. 

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