Learn direct marketing from The Dragonfly Effect

by MarketingFile 7. February 2013 09:53

The original meaning of The Dragonfly Effect, authored by Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith was used to explain the way people and businesses use social media to connect and form groups that create change throughout the globe.

However it can also be associated with direct marketing. The dragonfly is unique among other insects due to its ability to propel itself in any direction when its four wings are working together in union. This ability gave name to the process known as the ‘ripple effect’; small, integrated acts can lead to change, transformation and a positive impact.

The four essential direct marketing components to replicate The Dragonfly Effect are:

• Wing 1 Focus:Direct marketing lists.
Having a focus is imperative; it allows you to singly target a specific and hopefully measureable goal. The data you decide to use can favourably or adversely affect your campaign; however it will give you a focus.

• Wing 2 Grab attention: Direct marketing channels.
Understanding your audience’s preferences will be the huge factor that contributes to if recipients will read your marketing piece. To grab the attention of your audience you must find out if they respond better to direct mail or email broadcasting.

• Wing 3 Engage:Subject lines &content.
Having clean, reliable data and sending it in the most appropriate channel is sometimes still not enough to get high response rates. Subject lines are the first impression you create when speaking to your audience therefore testing and choosing the right subject line will help you engage with your audience. The content of your direct marketing needs to inform, educate and engage your readers, if it doesn’t it will become part of the rubbish pile.

• Wing 4 Take action:Call to action.
So, the audience have decided that they want to engage with your content and they want to know more about you. Don’t forget to provide them with a means of connecting with you, finding more information about what you have to offer and access to a constant means of communication such as newsletters and blog pages.

To read more about The Dragonfly Effect - http://www.dragonflyeffect.com/blog/

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