Know about it, before you do it - Email marketing

by MarketingFile 28. February 2013 16:01

Fact: ‘46% of UK online customers have made purchases after receiving an email marketing message’. Factbrowser

What is email marketing?
Email marketing is a hugely popular way of reaching your target audience, and if you’re targeting the ‘digital natives’ it is very often the communication channel of choice.

Why use email marketing?
Email is the communication channel experiencing the most significant increase year on year. For small to medium businesses, email has a lower cost than other marketing activities and with the ability to track open and click through rates it allows you to monitor your return on investment and observe how much interest is generated from your campaign.

What to keep in mind when using email marketing.

1. Time the launch carefully.

The time of the day & day of the week you send your email can affect the open and click through rates.  A key point would be to monitor your website analytics and previous email marketing reports. By checking the traffic activity and capitalising on this time and day you could increase engagement and conversion of people visiting the site.

2. Create a landing page.
This will provide a clear navigation for people opening your emails and will allow them to click certain parts of your email and land on a page that corresponds with what they clicked on to gather more information.

3. Review the results and use them for analysis for your next campaign.
Measurability is a key point when email marketing, gaining visibility into how your emails are performing will allow you to refine your approach, making your campaigns more effective thus improving your return on investment.

Don’t forget about deliverability - Email broadcasting
Email marketing regulations can make it difficult for an individual to deliver emails to a contact list. That’s why we provide an email broadcasting service which provides a fully managed service with extensive reporting options, available to both your own and prospect lists.  

Our solution to hard bounces - we guarantee 100% Delivery Guaranteed.
No matter how good a list, it’s inevitable that some of your emails won’t be delivered – welcome to 100% delivery guaranteed. Refunding your hard bounces and providing you with 5p - 10p per item towards your broadcast costs, this guarantee covers both business and consumer lists.

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