Is Multichannel Marketing the way forward to succeed?

by MarketingFile 18. September 2013 12:36

With an ever evolving digital marketing environment is the multichannel approach still applicable in today’s marketing world? The move from traditional marketing channels, print and post, to digital and social activities has already happened....many years ago, however, does the print and post aspect still warrant a place in your marketing strategy and budget. Here at MarketingFile we think so...but remember to keep it as part of your mix!

A recent survey of Forbes readers showed that if their quarterly magazine was to become an online e-zine 95% of their readership would near revolt and all preferred the printed version. This shows there is still a market out there for a tactile and printed message from a business to its customers. Print and post techniques should still be a focus of any companies marketing activities, it is a great way for current and prospect clients to interact and engage with your business and for you to advertise your products and services. 

As we have established there is still a market for traditional marketing techniques then we need still need to remember that it is a mix of all marketing channels that leaves a company open to a good marketing strategy. Ensuring your clients, current and prospect, can find your businesses product and services as easily and quickly as possible and giving them choice in choosing how they interact with you is a successful strategy to have in place.

The word Multichannel does imply what it means – multiple channels, meaning there is more than one channel out there for you to connect with your customers, it also leads to believe that as customers are in more than one place you need to be able to target them (sometimes individually!). Developing targeted messages is more than just delivering the right message at the right time to the right audience, with a plethora of marketing channels out there for customers to choose from the message must make them attentive, receptive and willing to act on it despite of the channel.

How can you make Multichannel marketing a success? Well, you have to take into consideration what direct marketing channels you are using to send your messages, print, email, social, mobile etc. Once you have decided this then ensure the message is consistent throughout all communication, mixed messages can do more harm than good!

If you would like more information on how to utilise a multichannel approach with your marketing techniques MarketingFile is here to help, contact us today! 

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