Is Direct Mail a dying art?

by MarketingFile 30. June 2014 11:33

With the ever increasing digital world is direct mail still a viable and essential tool for your direct marketing plan? We think so! And to back up our opinion a recent survey carried out by Target Marketing magazine indicates 75% of customers do like receiving direct mail, with 90% of people opening direct mail.

These are figures we all should not ignore!

Direct marketing in general should form a major part of your overall marketing activities to existing customers and potential prospects, the art of getting direct mail right is highlighted in three steps:

1. Ensure your targeting is spot on

The first step in any direct marketing activity is to make sure the person you wish to target is going to be the person actually receiving the message. If you don’t get it right at this stage you could end up sending a targeted message to the wrong person wasting time and money.

An important tip for this is based on the data you have available. You should have some form of CRM system for your existing clients giving you the power to understand their needs in order to send targeted messages. As for prospect data, this may be something you need to purchase in order to reach new audiences, for more information on how to do this successfully please read our 10 tips when purchasing B2B data.

2. Make your message engaging

The second step is to make sure the recipient opens your direct mail piece. Sending out a plain letter full of text may be practical as it conveys what you want to say, but are they going to read all the words on the page – let alone open the envelope? This is your chance to be creative and portray your business in its best light, make the direct mail piece something fun for them to open!

Research into your options, is a letter the best way to get your message across? How about a video brochure? Interactive content for recipient to use their smartphone with? The ideas can be endless, just remember to be creative and think outside the box, and don’t forget these ideas can be created within your regular budgets with a much better ROI.

3. Follow up the leads

This could be considered the most important step, you MUST remember to follow up your leads. After spending time and money is making sure your contacting the right person and sending an amazing direct mail piece you will have to chase it up (unless your product is ground breaking then people will be calling you!).

Plan when to follow up, hopefully the direct mail piece is part of an overall direct marketing plan, so you need to decide when is best to call them. For the mail piece to be fresh in their mind when you call seed yourself into the send so you know when it drops, then you will know when to start calling your customers and prospects.

Don’t be fooled to thinking we live in an ideal world where the customer will get in touch if they want your product or service, a little reminder or push from your sales team will be the difference between success and failure of a direct mail campaign.

If you would like to find out more about prospects in your area and how to go about your direct mail campaign please get in touch with our team today on 08453457755

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