Introducing Touchpoint

by MarketingFile 8. July 2014 08:54

Direct Mail, Email and SMS marketing to customers and prospects.

All in one place. 

Here at MarketingFile we are very excited (and proud) to introduce our new direct marketing system Touchpoint to the market. As we have been in the direct marketing industry for the past 15 years we have seen multi-channel direct marketing as the most efficient way to increase response and conversion rates.

To begin with many of our clients would buy postal, email and telephone data to run sequential campaigns with great success. However, as a large proportion of our clients are SME’s and Franchises they can often find it difficult to effectively run these types of campaigns in a time and cost efficient way. Initially we started running a Print & Post service combining their recently purchased postal prospect data with a direct mail piece at one cost per item, providing a high quality digital print and low cost postal service. With this a niche in the marketplace opened for a fully automated online system.

Over the last two years we have developed Touchpoint, providing a complete system for multi-channel direct marketing to both customers and prospects. Building a system to handle both customer and prospect data was crucial when integrating with direct marketing channels as this process is typically separated. Combining data with coordinated and personalised email, direct mail and SMS messages streamlines the direct marketing process.

We settled on the name Touchpoint as we felt it accurately described what we were trying to achieve. Allowing clients to contact existing customers, or prospects through at various Touchpoint's throughout a customer or prospect 'journey'. The term is now starting to be used more and more in marketing circles and we feel it was a great choice.

Touchpoint has been developed for a wide range of businesses, we have kept in mind the needs and requirements for large to small size companies providing a sophisticated cost effective direct marketing solution.

Our MD Kieron Karue explains “Many of our customers want to take advantage of multi-channel marketing but find dealing with a different supplier for each channel expensive, time-consuming and difficult to coordinate.  Touchpoint allows them to plan, implement and review the results of a truly multi-channel campaign easily, economically and all in one place.”

Take a look at Touchpoint today: or call 0845 365 5565 to speak to our Touchpoint team to find out more. 


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