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by MarketingFile 25. March 2014 10:06

MarketingFile are pleased to announce our latest list owner to join our team is Lifestyles Online, who specialise in lead generation and the provision of targeted consumer data for UK and European marketing teams.

Choosing the most suitable direct marketing list for your marketing campaign can be a daunting task, especially if the data available is difficult to understand.

Therefore we have conducted an interview with Lifestyles Online to generate some useful information to aid your decision making when choosing direct marketing lists.

We have caught up Ellie Engley, Head of Data Sales at Lifestyles Online, to find out what type of consumer data they offer and why they are data specialists.

Who are Lifestyles Online?

Lifestyles Online are lead generation specialist who own their own proprietary websites to collect consumer data. Having large volumes of consumers flowing through their lifestyle survey websites allows Lifestyles online to supply some of the most recent, selectable and responsive email, postal and telephone data for consumer acquisition purposes. Recently Lifestyles Online was acquired by CallCredit, making them part of the CallCredit Information group.

Let’s introduce Ellie Engley...

Ellie has been with Lifestyles Online for the last 3 years as their Head of Data sales, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the lead generation and data rental industries. Ellie is specialised in consumer data working with companies across the UK with their data needs. 

MF (MarketingFile) EE (Ellie Engley)

MF: What sets Lifestyles Online aside from other consumer data providers?

EE: As well as collecting our own data through lifestyle websites we also have a built-in verification tools and proprietary technology which ensures the data is accurate as possible. We also work in a huge variety of sectors which allows us to capture a number of different selections and targeting options.

MF: How is the consumer data you supply collected?

EE: Through our websites, one of the main ones being Get me a Ticket which has been white-labelled for partners such as TalkTalk. We also collect data across specific landing pages, such as an automotive page or our Mum and Baby site, which is an exciting opportunity for marketing teams looking for unique ways to talk to expectant and new mums.

MF: What are the unique selling points/benefits of purchasing Lifestyles Online databases?

EE: We have over 150 selections, meaning we are able to provide very niche pieces of data. We also have the ability to be completely transparent with the client and track the consumers details back to their registration. Another unique selling point is our data is very responsive as it is refreshed with 150,000 new records every month.

MF: How do you guarantee the quality and accuracy of the consumer data that you supply?

EE: Through our built-in verification tools which confirm the data is as active as possible. We also run regular CRM which allows consumers to update their records as and when required, ensuring the data we supply is up to date and accurate.

MF: Why and to whom would you recommend your consumer file to?

EE: Our data is recommended to any client in a consumer facing industry such as gaming, financial, retail, travel and specifically the switchers market is very popular for our consumer data. The data we collect fits well with these industries as the questions we ask on our lifestyle surveys are aimed towards their needs and interests.

MF: What criteria/selections are available within this database to ensure targeted data?

EE: As mentioned above we have over 150 selections to ensure our database is targeted, all of the selections we have available are collected from our lifestyle surveys or specific landing pages. Some of the criteria we have are:

*Energy Switch supplier and payment method
*Charity interests
*Leisure interests – shopping, betting, sports, theatre, books etc
*Technology owned – PC, iPod/iPad, Sky TV
*Financial information
*Number of children in house/expectant mums

MF: Which marketing channels can businesses use to contact prospective customers when using this database?

EE: When collecting the data the consumer goes through our initial validation process where they fill in their basic criteria, it is at this stage we collect their email, telephone number, mobile number and postal address. These are then put through our validation systems for checking to ensure accurate information.

MF: If you could sum up Lifestyles Online consumer file in three words how would you describe it?

EE: Responsive, Accurate, Fluid

You can find the Lifestyles Online list and many others at MarketingFile and they are supplied with a special 100% Delivery Guaranteed offer. No matter how good a list is, it’s evitable that some of your marketing campaign won’t be delivered. Therefore this guarantee refunds hard bounces or gone-aways and pays the postage or broadcast cost on top.

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