How to write effective marketing copy

by MarketingFile 24. September 2014 16:56

Writing effective marketing copy for your business is the same whether you are producing a direct mail piece, advertorial, advertisement, an email or copy for your website.

We understand how important it is to send the right message through the right channel so we’ve put together some key points for your next copy writing challenge:

Everything starts with a plan

Plan your approach to achieve your objectives – what are your objectives and how can these be achieved? Who are you going to target - customers, prospects or both? Remember the copy for each will be slightly different!

What channels will you use?

Your target audience and objectives will determine the channels to use, remember to use a mix of channels to widen your reach. Use a range of direct marketing channels and create “noise” around your campaign by placing targeted advertising in relevant online or printed channels for brand recognition.

Benefits over features

Rather than writing all the features of your product or service, promote the benefits of using it to the reader, letting them see how it can improve either their personal life or business environment. This is also the opportunity to highlight your USP’s and how you are unique in the market, this could be your pricing, quality of service or expert knowledge.

Manageable chunks

Write your copy in bite-size chunks, keeping it to a couple of sentences for each part making it easy to read and navigate through the page. It will take time and effort in ensuring your copy is short and to the point and achieves the objectives, however it will be worth it.


Ask satisfied customers for a testimonial on your products and service, prospect customers rely on feedback of existing customers as a trustworthy source. If you work with well-known companies it’s a good opportunity to mention this as well.

Call to actions

In your copy make sure you give clear call to actions for what you want them to do next. It should encourage them to respond so give them plenty of channels to be able to reach you – email, phone, website and postal address. Alternatively let them know you’ll be in touch with them in the next few days.

Keep it appealing

When targeting consumers or businesses use “you” and “your” to make it direct and keep it free of jargon, you know what you mean but make sure they do too! Remember to make the look and feel of the piece attractive to the reader.

Style of language

This depends on who you are targeting. Use tone of voice to convey your appropriate style to your audience, this may be professional and business orientated or friendly and chatty for a more personal customer focused approach.

Final check and check again

The most important stage of writing marketing copy is proof reading and checking it flows, reads how you intend it to, has no spelling mistakes or poor grammar and check all contact details, names and phone numbers are all correct before sending your item to print or publish.

We hope you find the above tips useful when writing your marketing copy, for any more direct marketing hints and tips please get in touch with the team on 0845 345 7755 or read through some of our previous blogs! 

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