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by MarketingFile 2. June 2014 08:52

Following on from our blog a couple of weeks ago here at MarketingFile we wanted to share some insight and advice on how to create effective direct marketing pieces. Choosing the right target audience or prospect data is the initial stage in creating a successful campaign, however just as crucial is the content and marketing material you produce for your customers or prospects to engage with your products or services in order to achieve sales.

As an SME ourselves we understand the importance of creating engaging and powerful direct marketing on a limited budget, and let’s face it most businesses across the UK do not have massive marketing budgets, so using available resources carefully is essential. You may have a marketing team with designers and copy writers, or a more modest team of a marketing manager and maybe one executive, either way is fine as these are your resources but be prepared to use external help for the tricky parts. For example, logo design – do not attempt this yourself, investing in a logo that represents your company brand and the message you are portraying will pay its dividends.

To help with your direct marketing material we have put an easy to follow guide on how to create fantastic copy and creative and how to get it printed on a budget!

Tip One: Word it perfectly....

Develop a content strategy...sounds scary right? It doesn’t have to be! Putting in the work in the first instance will pave the way for structured and consistent marketing messages. When thinking of your content decide if it’s for utility or creativity purposes, and who is going to read your content, remember to keep it relevant to your readers and stick to the strategy!

Tip two: Professional Logo...

Be careful to jump in head first with this, planning your logo is essential before going to a design agency, if you don’t have internal resources, and explain what the logo will represent do not feel the need to dictate what you want the logo to look like, the designers are the professionals here and you are the customer so keep going until you love it.

Tip three: Images....

The classic saying “a picture says a thousand words” is true in every situation, including producing your direct marketing material. Using a strong and professional photo or image will portray your message in a matter of seconds rather than customers reading through 3 long paragraphs! However, don’t go stealing them from Google, subscribe to a cost effective platform such as ShutterStock to download royalty free photos and images.

Tip 4: Which channel....

Once you have your content, logo and images you need to decide on which direct marketing channel to use, or multiple channels to achieve a successful campaign! 

First of all the budget plays an important role and may limit you, however you need to choose the channel which will give you fantastic results. Research in your audience or target market and see which channels are already effective, also decide on which channel portrays your marketing message the best. To achieve a successful direct marketing campaign combine channels to complement each other, time them carefully so as the direct mail lands on their desk they receive an email or SMS to re-enforce the message.

Tip 5: Do it on a budget....

Whether you choose to run a direct mail campaign, email broadcast or SMS campaign (or ideally all three!) keeping costs to a minimum will be vital when considering ROI. It can be complicated organising the printers, email platform and SMS broadcasters to all sync together and send messages on time and within budget. However, Touchpoint can help businesses combine their direct marketing activities including purchasing data all in one cost effective system.  Save time and money on coordinating different platforms and suppliers in your next direct mail campaign.

 We hope this tips will help your business in its next direct marketing campaign, if you would like to speak to our team about Touchpoint or the data we provide please call 0845 345 7755 or email

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