How to limit the Undeliverables & get your money back

by MarketingFile 22. January 2013 15:52

“Return to sender, address unknown” - Elvis Presley the king of rock’s famous lyrics. However, if you’re sending out a direct mail piece you really don’t want to be singing this; unless you’re getting 100% delivery guaranteed, then you can sing away!

Undeliverable mail also known as goneaways are likely to occur when you send your direct mail using your own, bought or hired mailing list. This exercise not only is a waste of resources and time but also money. Goneaways are inevitable however, wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to pay for them! (Psst…MarketingFile can tell you on to find out how)

The importance of clean data plays a huge part in your direct marketing. If the data you hire, buy or already hold is out of date, it is expected that you will be receiving some Undeliverables back. (Gosh.... wouldn’t it be good if there was some kind of 100% delivery guaranteed...keep reading to see if that exists)

After spending so much time and resources on creating a great direct mail or email campaign it seems such a waste to not send it to a clean and up-to-date mailing list. The mailing list is a key component in any direct marketing campaign. By studying your product or offer you can then determine your best target list.

So we hear you ask, how do we limit Undeliverables and not have to pay for them? Follow these simple steps to avoid your mailing piece returning back to the sender:

1. Research into how you intend on sending your direct mail.

Choose the channel you want to communicate your message, whether it is through postal or email lists.  Choose a mailing list provider who can offer a wide variety of mailing lists; this will not restrict you to a limited amount of lists. Keep in mind that if you purchase from a company that only offers business lists then if you wanted to expand your prospects to consumers you would have to go to another company.
List brokers have a wider variety of mailing lists so they are more likely able to help you choose the best list for your target market.

2. Research into the company you buy your lists from.

Try and use a mailing list provider who regularly verifies their mailing lists and guarantees a certain amount of deliverability.

3. Ask questions.

Find out how often the lists are updated as well as asking how often the entire database is updated and what the method is used.

4. Get your data cleaned.

If you intend on using your own data it can always be a good idea to get it cleaned to make sure all details are up-to-date.

5. Use the data while it’s fresh.

In order to keep your data up-to-date make sure you use it within a few weeks of purchasing it as data can become out dated after a certain amount of time. Business data decays by 30% a year, which means that after six months, 15% of the records on your mailing list will be wrong.

6. Most importantly! Use an online supplier of direct marketing lists that can offer you a service called 100% Delivery Guaranteed.

MarketingFile offer this unique service, it’s the best in the business for mail and email lists, which is designed save you money.

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