Green Marketing

by MarketingFile 5. December 2012 10:11

How worried are you about how green your direct mail is?

Being environmentally friendly is not just an ethical requirement it is now a global, social and economical obligation. Direct mail marketers are now encouraged to recycle and to remind their customers to follow suit. Mail is a renewable resource and in a green conscious world it makes sense to recycle due to the cost saving and environmental benefits.

Direct mail currently accounts for just 0.4% of unrecycled waste, compared to newspapers that account for 9.2%. Direct mail only contributed to less than 1% of the total landfill waste.

Being members of the DMA, the industry agreed a target of 70% of direct mail to be recycled by 2013. The industry reached and passed this target in 2009 with a new target due for 2013.

To improve your green direct marketing use:

Cleaner mailing lists that limit duplication and waste

Research effectively into your target audience

Use recycled materials.

The Green Preference Service was introduced to reduce the carbon dioxide produced from unwanted solicited mail, to reduce direct mail costs & provide a more targeted campaign opportunity.

At MarketingFile we care about the effects of our business on the environment therefore we provide online data cleaning services to keep your data up-to-date to avoid waste and keep your direct mail marketing campaigns targeted.

Go Green with MarketingFile!

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