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by MarketingFile 9. July 2014 13:53

With nearly all businesses using email as a direct marketing channel they will understand the importance to achieving high open and click through rates, and low unsubscribe and bounce rates for the success of their campaign.

Choosing the right email broadcasting system to send your email campaign to customers and prospects could mean that difference between success and failure. As a direct marketing company we know how important it is to use a trusted and cost effective email broadcasting system for commercial campaigns.

We also cannot stress highly enough that trying to use your outlook account to send to a mass audience can be detrimental to your campaign and have your ISP (Internet Service Provider) blacklisted as spammers! To highlight the importance of CAN-SPAM we wanted to point you in the right direction for the regulations around email marketing, click here to read more.

So, how do you choose the right email broadcaster for you?

We’ve come up with a few pointers to help:

1. The system needs to be able to track email responses at individual levels, including bounce rates, unsubscribes, opens and clicks. These are essential for following up on prospective leads.

2. A system which integrates automated trigger emails for events throughout the year

3. Able to use both prospect and customer data, after purchasing prospects you need to be able to contact them and emailing is a cost effective method. Not every platform allows you to use prospect data!

4. A system that is easy to use, hassle free and intuitive. This will save you time and therefore money.

5. Provides comprehensive reporting for each campaign, you need to know how well it’s performed to calculate ROI.

6. A wide range of creative templates available, you might not have a design team in house so opt for a system which provides creative templates

7. Look for great customer support, your email broadcasting platform should provide friendly and responsive customer care to help with any technical issues you may have.

Each email broadcasting system will have different features, so choose the one which suits your company email marketing needs and future goals. Also remember to find any hidden costs or licence fees before signing up, some offer a 30 day free trial to try before you buy!

If you are looking for a combined direct marketing system, encompassing direct mail, email and SMS marketing our new Touchpoint system allows you to use customer and prospect data for all your direct marketing needs. Manage your direct marketing campaigns from start to finish all in one easy to use system. For more information on Touchpoint click here to view the website, alternatively call us on 0845 365 5565 and speak to the team!

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