Email VS. Social Marketing

by MarketingFile 28. January 2014 10:03

Let the battle commence!

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, SnapChat and many more social networks are flooding our screens, PC, tablet and smartphones, on a daily basis. We are always looking for a new way to interact with our current or prospect customers in hope they will like, follow or tweet us back. But as the Telegraph reported social networks such as Facebook could die out in the next 2-3 years. So how are we going to continue to reach out to our customers?

Do not fear as a recent survey from McKinsey&Company shows that email marketing remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media and is nearly 40 times more successful. Although we are in a “social environment” we need to remember how effective email marketing is as it is outweighing social networks.

Since the emergence of Social media and its usage within marketing strategies across the world the argument between which channel (social or email) has more usage has been a continuous one, and it seems that email has stayed a steady winner throughout with emails prompting sales is estimated to be at least three times higher than social media.

So we can see email should still form a big part of your marketing strategy, but don’t get confused that this is a invite to send as many emails as possible to ALL of your database at once – that genuinely will not work, and you’ll get blacklisted, so not worth it.

Don’t spam!

Planning your email strategy is fundamental when interacting with current or prospect customers. Give them a journey to follow, if you are lucky and they click on your call to action then give them an exciting, good looking and insightful custom landing page.

Email Marketing Data

Getting the best out of your email marketing campaign needs three main details:

1. A well-constructed message
2. A top quality list
3. A reliable broadcaster

Falling down in any of these areas will have a marked impact on your response rate. Whether you are emailing to businesses or consumers MarketingFile have access to over 30 different marketing lists with more than 24 million contacts, which can help you in targeting your perfect audience. We also offer our 100% Delivery Guarantee on a number of lists, so you don’t end up paying for emails that don’t reach the mailbox.

Talk to one of our team today to see how we can help you plan your next email marketing campaign, call us on 0845 345 7755 or email

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