Direct market or don’t direct market? ...That is the question

by MarketingFile 11. December 2012 15:39

‘Direct marketing is about having the right tools to go in the right direction’.

Do you want to connect and communicate straight with your audience in a REAL way? We hear you cry yes! Then what are you waiting for, the answer is to direct market.
UK businesses reported spending £15.2 billion on direct marketing in 2012 with a projected growth of 7% for the industry; this form of advertising is set to achieve positive returns on investment and become a benefit for generating sales.

Here are some direct marketing tools to point you in the right direction:

• The audience: ‘People read what interests them’.
• The data: ‘People worry less about the use of their data if they see a real value in the giving of it’.
• The accountability: ‘Businesses need to measure their return on investment’.

Direct Marketing focuses on the ‘call to action’ point in campaigns. The use of urgent words to encourage users to take action can boost your sales to existing customers, increase customer loyalty, recapture old customers and generate new business. The major advantage of direct marketing is the ability to track and measure responses from customers.

The UK direct marketing industry is a great example of how strategic thinking and creativity can achieve real social change. Currently the industry supports 525,000 jobs and future growth is predicted to be driven by digital direct channels, with spend on e-mail marketing tipped to rise to £2.54 billion. Major players such as Pizza Hut are moving away from above-the-line mass campaigns to more ‘innovative’ & one-on-one marketing’ which is more targeted and provides the customer with offers which best suit their needs.

Here are a few advantages of direct marketing:

• It’s direct (you would expect it to be) – Enabling you to directly identify, isolate and communicate with well-defined target markets regardless of location.
• Multiple uses – Direct marketing has many other uses other than selling. You can also test new markets, trial new products, reward existing customers to build loyalty and collect information for future campaigns.
• Cost effective – Direct mail costs significantly less than other marketing methods, once you have acquired a customer you are then able to benefit from repeat sales.
• Ease of Management – Providing greater control & accountability, making results easy to measure and knowing the conversion rates involved.
• Testing capability – The ability to test the most successful combination of direct marketing tools will allow you to change variables such as mailing lists, messages and timing to find the optimum direct marketing proposition.
• Geographic Targeting – Direct marketing allows your audience to be local, regional, national or even international.

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