Direct Marketing Trends for 2013

by MarketingFile 3. January 2013 10:24

To create a good piece of direct marketing it’s all about preparation. To be able to prepare you need to know what to expect. What we mean by this is what trends you should be looking for. 2013 holds many opportunities and threats for direct marketing strategies. However, we hold the trends to provide opportunities.

1. Email Marketing.
Email marketing expert Mike Hotz states that e-mail marketing is growing in popularity and innovation. Two thirds of customers provide their e-mail addresses to firms in order to receive discounts and deals and 57% of people admitted they would be more likely to buy a product or use a service after receiving a related e-mail. E-mail marketing will become more targeted if marketers address their subscribers changing habits such as mobile optimisation. Marketing accounts for 70% of e-mail spam however, this figure is expected to drop as we move towards a more customer centric focus and relevant content becomes more apparent. Mass marketing declining and segmentation is key.

2. Permission and segmentation.
Royal Mail has stated that they expect a rise in junk mail. This rise in junk mail will be damaging for the industry and the companies sending it out. Marketing expert Mike Brown has mentioned that sending irrelevant direct marketing is like giving bad presents. Something that was sent with the best intention can leave a bad taste in the mouth of the receiver. Segmenting your solid leads from your ‘maybes’ will make your lists more targeted and more likely to turn direct marketing into sales. As direct marketing becomes more defined permission based marketing should take place. Marketers should focus on quality rather than quantity and follow best practices.

3. Stick to your direct marketing strengths.
Direct mail is not dead; it just is no longer a standalone tactic and should be part of a comprehensive strategy. Identifying the appropriate markets, creating great offers and providing excellent goods and services will see direct marketing work for those who know how to use it.

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