Direct Mail, your tangible marketing campaign

by MarketingFile 29. November 2012 16:38

Let us here at MarketingFile tell you exactly why direct mail is not dead. Tangible is today’s key word, its exact definition is:

‘Capable of being touched, real or actual rather than imaginary or visionary’.

Direct mail is tangible, its ability to be delivered directly to customers’ and prospects’ hands virtually guarantees the receiver to see and read your message. Direct mail essentially is direct; it targets its audience by only sending offers or information that meet their needs or buying habits. Communicate with your audience on a social level; you will be more likely to attract their attention. 

Here are just a few reasons why direct mail should continue its legacy:

• 65% of consumers still value the mail they receive in their inbox.
• 62% of consumers find direct mail over Facebook & Twitter a useful channel for promotions.
 34% of B2C marketers believe that direct mail provides the best return on investment.
• £205 billion pounds was the amount of money in sales that direct mail generated annually in the UK.

Direct mail can be expensive but cost effective if you have a clear goal. It’s all about using the right channels in effective combinations.

To ensure your audience responds to direct mail make it easy for them. If you’re targeting the young and tech savvy market, your call of action should be online and possibly through social media sites. If you choose the wrong path for your audience they may have to go out of their way to break their normal routines to buy from you, they won’t bother.

The better the offer, the more targeted the mailing list the more likely you are to increase your return on investment for direct mail marketing.

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