Data Append-able is Data Depend-able

by MarketingFile 7. December 2012 16:20

Statistics indicate that around 10% to 15% of the national population change location every year. If you factor in anomalies such as the floods that affected the UK Midlands and South West tremendously this year, local changes can be significantly greater. Businesses are often volatile within a challenging financial environment, with the UK recovering from its economic downturn since the recession some businesses may not have seen the year through.

In our rapidly changing environment keeping your data up-to-date is essential. By using your own customer or prospect lists you have the benefit of communicating to a targeted audience that will be interested in your product/service. However, to increase their value and responsiveness you could add additional intelligence.

Don’t assume existing lists will be current; you could be missing out on loyal, interested customers who may have changed their contact details. By appending additional information to your existing lists you will avoid the negative perceptions that are created when contacting people that don’t want to be contacted.

For B2C data, you could add telephones numbers or e-mail addresses or find out if they are responsive to mail order. 

For B2B data you could add senior contact names, email addresses and phone numbers.

Appending e-mail addresses, phone and mobile numbers open up the opportunity to communicate with your clients in a multi-channel and proactive way.

5 reasons why you should append additional information:

1. Clean lists mean reliable mailing lists.
2. Reliable mailing lists mean targeted information and offers.
3. Targeted information and offers mean higher response rates.
4. Higher response rates mean maximised customer relationships.
5. Maximised customer relationships mean improved profitability.

These will all have a positive impact on your direct marketing and improve your campaign results. Don’t forget you can append lists through demographics such as occupation, home value & marital status, making your message more targeted for higher response rates and a better return on investment from direct marketing campaigns.

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