Customer knowledge is power

by MarketingFile 15. July 2014 14:03

Customers drive all businesses, whether it’s in a B2B or B2C environment. Therefore knowing your customer needs to be your number one priority in order to grow your business.

Understanding your customer’s needs will enable you to target them with a specific message highlighting how your business can provide the solution. Gaining insight into your existing customers can also give you the opportunity to target similar prospects, this may be based on geo-targeting or demographic targeting.

Segmenting and analysing your customer data can be the most powerful tool you can provide your sales team ensuring they offer the most relevant products or services. Employing a suitable CRM system for your company to manage and analyse customer data is highly recommended, whether this is something you build in-house or acquire externally. There are hundreds of systems to choose from, such as Salesforce or InfusionSoft, however to choose the right one for your business needs you need to decide what you want from your system and customer data.

You will have to identify your marketing objectives, for example; increase customer spend, engaging with customers on a regular basis for feedback on products or services provided, increasing brand awareness, achieve X% in excellent customer service. Depending on what you want to achieve overall will determine how you need to engage with your customers, highlighting what information you need to know about them in order to do achieve your objectives!

To be able to keep up to date with your customers’ needs the above process requires constant updating and analysis to ensure your providing the right messages to the right audience at the right time. Once you’ve segmented and analysed your existing customer base, this can be replicated across prospect data, opening up the opportunities for expanding your database and once again achieving your overall objectives. Another option is to append to your existing data for more insight into customers, this can be relatively inexpensive and a service MarketingFile offers.

You can read more about buying a prospect list here, with some tips and hints of what to ask and what to look out for. If you want to find prospect data for your business needs call us on 0845 345 7755 or take a look at our business or consumer lists.

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