Creative the magic direct marketing word

by MarketingFile 10. May 2013 09:08

When we talk about creativity in marketing, Oreo win the creative prize hands down!

In terms of digital marketing, Oreo had a fantastic year for their creative work in 2012. Their use of current news integrated with their online social media presence on Facebook ensured they won the top Blue Award for their Daily Twist campaign.

Their consistent creative marketing campaigns targeted at a specific audience guaranteed increased engagement with the brand.

The ad that really caught our eyes was the hugely controversial ‘like its gay pride ad’. A mixture of inspiration from a current affair, creative marketing and a targeted audience.

The campaign exceeded Oreo’s engagement goals and racked up 1.3 million Facebook interactions and saw the number of fans jump from 26 million to 27 million in the 100 days of the campaign. Not only did the campaign score highly for its online presence but the mass media coverage that it received was tremendous.

We can learn a lot from Oreo’s creative success especially in regards to data, email marketing and direct mail. Integration is key for successful campaigns, Oreo leveraged this important factor when they took inspiration from a current affair, merged their product with a well known image associated with that current affair and then communicated the message through an effective channel preferred by their audience.

You can ensure success for your campaigns through the purchase of targeted data, communicated through the most effective channel such as postal, telemarketing, email or fax,  a well thought through message, creative email/direct mail designs and a trusted efficient email broadcasting or print & post fulfilment service.

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