Content with your marketing?

by MarketingFile 17. January 2014 15:17

How seriously do you take content in your marketing strategies? Do you plan what you are going to write about or hope it magically appears the day you are going to blog about something really important to your company?

Newscred reported 20-30% of marketing budgets are now being spent on content marketing, so it should be part of your marketing plan for the year ahead. The fundamentals of good content have never changed, however the methods and channels to deliver the content have evolved.

Social media and peer recommendation have changed the conversation, with over 50% of users recommending products on twitter we should stop trying to talk at customers but engage with them by supplying relevant content they can digest on their own terms.

As mentioned in a previous blog, personalisation (yes we’re mentioning it again!) and data driven content are going to shape the year ahead, don’t not waste time in getting customers to your site with perfectly targeted messages and then not deliver the goods – it will only drive them away.

There are a few pointers we want to highlight when writing good content:

1. Make sure you write something relevant – don’t turn customers away

2. Execute your content strategy ensuring your content is viewed by the people that matter

3. Add an essence of journalism and storytelling, people love reading a good (true!) story

4. Consider a content strategy manager – depending on your company size this could be a full time job

5. Keeping your fingers on the pulse of your industry will give you the edge when writing up to date content

6. Personalised content – customers prefer when they are included in a conversation, not being spoken at 

Be aware and don’t just write content to boost your SEO – people will get bored, write something that is genuinely useful, interesting and relevant! Try and take on all of the above points, but if you don't have the time or resources for a dedicated content manager remember who you are targeting when you write your content, and how you are going to get the message to them, which should definitely include one social channel. 

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