Christmas marketing and advertising strategies

by MarketingFile 15. November 2013 09:00

With the Christmas period nearly here we hope you all have your Christmas advertising and marketing strategies ready and already going! 

It is renowned in the data industry that December is the quietest time of the year, budgets are gone and nearly all companies are closing down for the holidays. So, how can your advertising and marketing strategy ensure you make the most out of the next 6 weeks before 2013 finishes?

There are a few rules you can apply: 

Keep your business products and services at the forefront of your clients thoughts.

It may be winding down time, but the need for your products or services doesn’t change. For example, here at MarketingFile we encourage our clients to make the most of the festive period and keep their marketing activities prominent within their own market places.

Ensure your marketing is still relevant

Targeting is crucial all year round, so don’t drop trip up at the last hurdle. Keep your marketing messages relevant to  your target audience and adding a Christmas theme or incentive definitely will not hurt – all customers, whether you target businesses or consumers, love receiving a discount or offer leading up to the special day!

Plan for the New Year – it’s not that far away!

Whether you’re in the mindset of go go go till the end of 2013 or taking a back seat, the New Year is only round the corner and will be upon us before we know it. Getting your 2014 strategy in place now is essential to starting off the New Year with a bang.

Marketing lists – top priority

Your marketing list should be your top priority and ensuring you have an up to date and clean marketing list to use for your Christmas activity will be a fundamental asset to your business profits in Q4.

If you are still looking for a marketing list for your Christmas advertising or marketing plans then please get in touch with MarketingFile today and speak to one of our sales team on 0845 345 7755, or alternatively take a look at some of our lists we have to offer by clicking here.

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